Peggy Who?

In my child live, the very first product that has an influence on me is toys- barbie dolls. I did all kinds of whimsical experiments - cutting down her hair to bald, erasing her lipstick with nail polish, taping a toilet paper dress, making miniature furniture for her. I am not afraid to experiment. 


Not until I grow up that I realize how barbie - a product can spark my creativity and my interests in industrial design. Every object can affect the kids’ childhood and even further - their career. It is crucial that we designers shoulder the responsibilities of the consequences of design decisions. My career aspiration is to - Design objects that can spread joyfulness to the world, little by little. 


For me, design is a way to touch, discover, and imagine the possibilities.

There are four things that I want to chase for my entire life:

-The responsibility of the design

-The curiosity towards life 

-The empathy for livings

-The endless chasing of love